“A photograph that doesn’t have a personal vision or doesn’t communicate emotion fails.” – Galen Rowell

In the media and political frenzy that is the 21st century we see thousands of images every day, but very few of them stick. If a photograph does not tell the viewer a story or help them relive an experience, their brain marks it as spam and it is later trashed.

I want to remain in your inbox. My mission is to convey stories or emotions to you through imagery and then fill in the missing pieces with my writing. I want my pictures to be drawn to your cranium when someone mentions a topic or location I have written about.

But my mission goes beyond entertainment. I want to inspire you to change the world. Around the globe, extreme poverty fuels instability, terrorism and environmental degradation. A child dies every 5 seconds from hunger, every 21 seconds from water-born illness and every 60 seconds from Malaria. We have big issues to solve, but I have good news.

I fundamentally believe that all of tools necessary to solve extreme poverty have been discovered. We don’t need to wait for some astronomical breakthrough, we just need to provide the right resources to the right people. I am tired of seeing people suffer and believe we can end extreme poverty within the next 20 years.

I invite you to join my journey of testing this hypothesis as I evaluate organizations working in these communities, investigate the roots of poverty in diverse communities and tell stories of the people who live there.

That being said, this is a shared endeavor and I need your help. The goal is to inspire you to change the world; I am just the story teller and facilitator. Here is what you can do to help.

1. We need exposure. Even the most enticing bait goes untouched in a lake with no fish. I can throw all of my passion into telling clear, accurate and inspirational stories, but if nobody is there to read them, this blog is useless. Social media can facilitate overload, but at the same time can be a blessing. Through sharing blog posts on Facebook and twitter, and encouraging others to subscribe to the email list, you can bring more people to the table to help solve global issues.  Also, linking my site to your website is a great way to get the word out. Any exposure is good exposure. Well I take that back, please don’t go vandalizing your city with my URL, they don’t allow you to shoot photos from the inside of a jail cell.

2. Participate. I know a little about developmental strategies, but only fresh perspectives lead to innovation. I don’t care how silly you think your idea is, I want to hear it and will approach it with an open mind. My ability to research in India will be limited, and it would help a great deal for others to use resources available in the U.S. to help me find solutions.

3. Donate. If at any time I ask for donations, that means things are going really well. It means I have fully analyzed a situation or have found an organization that is extremely effective and have a plan to help solve the problem. While I will accept donations at any time, they will always be stored until I think they can be effectively utilized to complete a project and I will always followup with how the donation was used and why.

4. Feedback. If I am not accomplishing my mission, please tell me. Nobody ever became great at anything without criticism. Suggestions are also super helpful.

Together we can bring this world one step closer to ending extreme poverty. Thank you for all the support!


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