Tamarindo: Sunset and Surf

“Rolling over the Rocks” Sunsets on the beach are incredible, this one was accompanied by a thunderstorm.

This weekend I found myself on the very west coast of Costa Rica at the beaches of  Tamarindo. Here the sunsets are tantalizingly beautiful, the waves are smooth and the beaches are full of shells. It was an incredible location; I only wish I hadn’t been surrounded by gringos.
I would have much preferred an eco-friendly hostel that served us traditional food to the imposing, expensive five star hotel that only served breakfast and offered me little opportunity to practice my Spanish. Along with that I had to deal with the normal pressures of staying in a tourist spot. I was offered pot approximately 16 times, needed to consistently be worried about being mugged and paid way too much for my meals.
That being said, I had a great time. The beaches went for miles and miles and I realized why there are so many surf-bums in the world. The coast mostly volcanic rock and was full of huge shells, sea urchins, crabs and even lobster parts.

“Breaking Waves” Surfing turned out to be a lot easier than I expected and really is a spiritual experience.

On Saturday, I spent most of the day surfing. This is an experience I think everyone should encounter and was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I have been told that riding a good wave is an indescribable sensation, and I believe this is true. The closest analogy I can think of is standing in a bus as it accelerates only you have full control. The experience was powerful and will definitely be repeated in the near future.
On Saturday night, I watched the sunset speed across the sky as a thunderstorm rolled in behind me. This left me a little confused on which direction to photograph as there was a gorgeous sunset with a great reflection off the tide pools, and a stunning rainbow with the moon sitting next to it behind me.
Tomorrow you get to hear about the wildlife of Tamarindo, Enjoy!

“Bring on the night” The sun sets quickly on the ecuator and the moon rises at the exact same time.

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