Kalalock: Morning Mist

"Against the Grain" To expose for green in the tree, i reduced the exposure a bit. This forced me to avoid shooting directly shooting into the sun.

Morning mist can be a delight to photograph because it reduces the dynamic range of light between the sky and the terrain and creates a mysterious effect. Long sunrays can be created when you shoot directly into the sun which can accent abstract shapes and figures. This creates a strong image because the viewer has to work to understand the image. They will instantly recognize the sun and its beams, but cameras do not have the ability to accomplish the visual range that our eyes can, so the rest of the image must be deciphered. The key with taking these photos is to have the most open exposure possible. This means setting your shutter speed as high as it goes and moving your aperture to its lowest number possible.

"Morning Burst" I used my fastest shutter speed at 1/4000th of a second and largest aperture at 2.8 to black out the tree and expose for the sun.

Another great advantage of the mist is it creates a greater sense of depth, and allows you to layer your scene. Photographs are 2D, and most appear flat to the viewer unless the photographer can portray a scene with leading objects, lines, or layers that excite the viewers instinctual ability to fill in the gaps of an image. For more pictures of the mist check out my site at http://ryancorrigan.shutterfly.com/stockprints/643

"Breaking Through"

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