The Pride of Seattle

Music brings out the best in people. It brings individuals from diverse backgrounds together for a common purpose: to celebrate life. Whether democrat or republican, black or white, music knows no boundaries. On Friday night, Brandi Carlile seemed to unite the whole city of Seattle at the Woodland Park Zoo.
Woodland park is a unique venue where thousands of people are able to sit on a grass basin surrounded by huge pine and cedar trees, but nobody was sitting Friday night.

Carlile finishes off "The Story."

Carlile had the crowd jumping and cheering the whole night, playing Johnny Cash, Elton John, and her own music. Half-way through the show she stopped to make a special announcement. Five minutes later Dave Matthews was on the stage and the crowd roared with excitement. They played one song together, embraced, and the concert went on.

Carlile and Dave Mattews perform "Angel from Montgomery"

              Carlile was born and raised in Seattle and it was obvious there was a lot of pride surrounding that fact. People knew her music, they had followed her from the time she played at local karaoke bars, the Ravioli Station, and Duke’s Chowder House. She gave her all, playing encore song after encore song. The only thing keeping her from playing all night was the absence of lights in the park.
Turns out I wasn’t allowed to use my camera without a press pass, so I tried to sneak around and get shots as best I could. After being caught by three separate security guards I decided to retire my camera to its bag. You can see more photos at
Opening for Carlile was the Seattle indie rock band Ivan and Alyosha. They are part of Carlile’s tour and will be in Bozeman, MT on Tuesday and at the Slowdown in Omaha, NE on Friday. More on their band can be found at
More on Brandi Carlile can be found at

Ivan and Alyosha are on tour with Carlile

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